Oral and maxillofacial surgery is a specialty of dentistry and medicine. In the modern practice of dentistry for children and adolescents, the specialized oral and maxillofacial surgeon is an essential member of the dental team.

In our practice, Dr. Panagiotis Papadopoulos, in collaboration with Dr. Effie Syrrakou and Dr. Alexandros Manos, undertakes oral surgery cases that can be completed under local anesthesia.

More complex cases are treated in collaboration with an anaesthesiologist in a hospital setting. The cases that we undertake involve:

  • the exposure of impacted canines in order with orthodontic traction and treatment to bring them in occlusion,
  • the extraction of wisdom teeth (third molars), especially in adolescents to avoid problems such as pain, pericoronitis, prevention of damage to neighboring teeth, avoiding the creation of cysts, stabilization of orthodontic result, etc.
  • frenectomy (frenulum excision) , especially in infants and younger children to facilitate breastfeeding, avoid speech problems, avoid orthodontic problems, etc.
  • removal of tumours and cysts from the mouth and jaws biopsies of soft and hard tissues.

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